The Blessings of the Lord-Jeremiah 31


We can see in those verses, what the will of God for us as Christians is.

Those verses in Jeremiah’s book, are for Israel, but we as Christians are called in the Bible, a spiritual Jews.

God has those blessings for us, as he had them for the Jews.

God wants us to have abundance, and not just abundance, but to shout for joy because of the abundance and in his material provisions for us.

God wants us to be glad, and to dance. Good earthly parents, also want their children to be glad and to dance, because that will give them joy too.

Just look at verse 13, and we can see, that God is concerned for our troubles and suffering, wants to comfort us, and to give us joy. In fact, that verse says that God does not want his children to have sorrow. That completely eliminates the idea, which some people believe, that God gives them the suffering and trouble, so that he can teach them something through it. But according to these verses here, it is not so.

Verse 14 shows something similar to what Jesus said, that he has come to give us abundant life.