Psalm 77 When You Are in Extreme Distress


Verse 2: When our soul is so distressed, that we naturally refuse to be comforted, because we have lost all hope!

Verse 4: That is a great distress! So much trouble and distress that you become numb in your emotions, unable to speak!

The solution?

Start remembering all the blessings help and good things God has given you in your past! Meditate on them! How did God helped you in any distressing situation in the past! Think about that!

Verse 6: Remember all those days or nights in the past, when you were feeling so blessed from God, and his presence, that you sang him songs!

Verses 7, 8, 9: Ask yourself these questions? Can God stop being merciful and loving you ever? Can he forget you and your distress? Oh, no, his great love and mercy for you make him unable to forget you and your distress! He cares for you! Just hung on him and his promises! Do not give up, because he never gives up on you, because he loves you so much!

Verses 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20

The solution to your distress and problem, is to start meditating and thinking about all the mighty and powerful miracles and things which God has done many times in the past, either for other people like his own people Israel, or for you personally!

When we start thinking about all the blessings, and all the help God has given to us or others in the past, that is when we start hoping and believing that there is no reason for him not to do the same today in our lives! Why should he do it only in the past, but not now! He does not change, his love and mercy for us does not change, so he will do it for us again!