God Delights in Us -Jeremiah 3



We can see in Jeremiah 3:19, that God the Father, delights in us, his children! Do you know what it means? It means that he is never away from us, and never leaves us alone!

His delight for us, makes him more than a willing, to give us any blessings, either spiritual or physical.

He delights in us, he is not angry with us! His anger fell on Jesus on the cross for our sins!

Because of his great love and delight for us, he is gladly willing to give us every blessing, spiritual or physical! He wants to give us the good land! He is more than willing to give us good things, like a earthly father would to his children, even more than we are willing to receive from him!

Our delights in his blessings, brings him joy and delight, because he is our Father! God rejoices when we rejoice in the blessings he is giving us.

He delights in us, and gives us freely everything, because we belong to him, and because we are his children, and he is our Father, and not because of what we do, and how holy lives we live! Yes, he has commanded us to be holy, because he is holy, but our performance and how we live before him, does not determine why and what he gives us!

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